About IMPAC Property Management

Dating back to 1984, IMPAC Property Management enjoys a reputation as one of the premier property management companies in New Jersey. Its staff of 50 employees still includes the first person hired, attesting to the firm’s commitment to stability and reliability in its practices. Led by Albert J. Smith and Accella Farmington-Smith, IMPAC Property Management maintains management contracts with more than 80 communities and homeowners’ associations.

IMPAC Property Management runs its statewide operations from the corporate headquarters in Manchester, New Jersey. In addition to serving as the command center for the central and southern half of the state, the office maintains full accounting, customer service, bookkeeping, public relations, vendor management, and insurance management staff. The company’s regional office in Secaucus oversees the northern region of the state.

Because the company understands that accidents, fires, water main breaks, and other potential disasters require a quick, efficient response in order to protect lives, as well as the value and structural integrity of the property, it conducts routine inspections of fire alarm systems, elevators, ventilation systems, sprinklers, and emergency lighting capabilities. Beyond these precautions, IMPAC Property Management offers its clients fast emergency response management service.

IMPAC Property Management’s commitment to open and responsive communication with its clients is not limited to emergencies. Staff members are available to every homeowner and association board member 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s representatives participate in all board and association meetings. The firm also provides customized reporting services, monthly or quarterly management reports, and community website services to enhance communication and attract advertising revenue.