Strategies for Creating an Effective Community Newsletter, Presented by IMPAC Property Management

Property managers who wish to provide residents with communications regarding community news and events should consider developing a newsletter. In the digital age, however, newsletters do not have to be physical pieces of paper distributed in mailboxes or under doors. To ensure that a newsletter is effective, property managers should consider the following.

1. Delivery method. Older communities and those with limited computer access are ideal for old-fashioned paper newsletters. Younger and more tech-savvy groups may prefer online communications. In some cases, even posting messages on a TV screen in the building lobby can achieve a newsletter’s goals.
2. Content. Upcoming events, yard sale announcements, and seasonal tips can all be useful content for a newsletter. The information should depend, again, on what the residents likely care about and what the property managers want them to know.
3. Publication schedule. Keeping to a schedule is important, regardless of medium, as maintaining a regular schedule is one way to build trust with residents.
4. Desired response. If residents are expected to take certain action after reading the newsletter, managers should be sure to include specific calls to action (e.g. “Email us your photos” or “Send an article”).


A full-service, New Jersey-based firm, IMPAC Property Management considers maintaining communication with homeowners and board members an essential part of the service it provides. In addition to publishing monthly and quarterly reports, IMPAC provides newsletters and special publications for its communities.


About IMPAC Property Management

Independent Management of Properties and Communities, Inc. (IMPAC) was founded in 1984 by Albert J. Smith and Accella Farrington-Smith. It has grown over the years to one of the premier property management companies in New Jersey with a staff of more than 60 and management contracts with more than 80 communities. Yet our first employee is still with us and our first community still relies on us today. We are a stable and reliable company with impeccable credentials in property management. Our corporate headquarters is centrally located in Manchester, NJ, to effectively manage our statewide operations. Staffed with seasoned professionals, this facility is fully equipped for accounting, bookkeeping, customer service, computer operations, engineering, public relations, vendor management, desktop publishing, editing, insurance and administrative management. In addition to serving as the heart of company administration, it is also the home base for our South Jersey on-site and off-site property managers.
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