About the IMPAC Property Management Code of Ethics


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IMPAC Property Management
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Based in Manchester, New Jersey, IMPAC Property Management has established relationships with hundreds of homeowners’ associations throughout the state. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, IMPAC Property Management is adept at providing full-service management for various property types.

In order to ensure complete client satisfaction at every stage, IMPAC follows a strict code of ethics. Above all else, employees know that the homeowner is the most important individual in property management matters. With this in mind, team members view unexpected calls and issues brought up by homeowners as the very purpose of the company’s existence. Similarly, employees treat homeowners with the utmost respect during all interactions.

The 10 elements of the company’s code of ethics emphasize the importance of treating homeowners and association representatives as people rather than business partners. Employees know they are expected to take the feelings of homeowners into consideration during every step of the process. The company’s complete code of ethics can be found online at www.impac1.com.

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IMPAC’s Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics
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For nearly three decades, IMPAC Property Management has worked with homeowners associations throughout New Jersey by providing high-caliber property management services. One of the elements that defines IMPAC Property Management is its commitment to homeowners, which is outlined in the organization’s code of ethics.

Through these ethical standards, the company places once principle above all others: the importance of the homeowner. IMPAC doesn’t view interactions with homeowners as distracting, but rather the primary function of its management work. This service mentality recognizes that it isn’t the homeowners who depend on the management company, but rather the opposite, as there would be no association for which to work without their trust. IMPAC places the security and comfort of its clients among its highest goals and commits to serving them with the respect they deserve.

To learn more about the 10 ethical principles that guide IMPAC’s daily operations, or to read testimonials, visit impac1.com.

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How the Homeowner Association Works


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Homeowner Association
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Since 1984, IMPAC Property Management has offered a diverse suite of fiscal and operations services to property owners across New Jersey. IMPAC Property Management now serves more than 80 communities across the state, including a number of homeowner associations.

A homeowner association, or HOA, is an entity that exists to regulate and maintain a community of houses. It typically operates as a not-for-profit organization, though it receives its funding from assessments charged to the membership homeowners.

Funds from a homeowner association’s assessments function as community resources. They often come into use for the maintenance of shared amenities, such as pools and basketball courts, though the HOA will often set a percentage aside for later use in capital improvements. If a major improvement becomes necessary but not enough funds are available, the HOA may need to levy additional assessments.

The facilitation of these improvements and of the HOA’s assets typically falls to a volunteer board. In many cases, however, these volunteers are private homeowners and find that day-to-day management of the HOA requires more time than they have to give. In these cases, the HOA may hire a property management association to ensure that all repairs and collections occur smoothly and on time.

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The Importance of Attending a Homeowners Association Meeting

Founded in 1984, IMPAC Property Management has grown to represent more than 80 communities. The company’s portfolio includes a range of condominiums, townhomes, and homeowners associations. In particular, IMPAC Property Management provides valuable administrative support to homeowners associations when meetings are hosted.

Organized to serve the needs of a community, homeowners association (HOA) meetings are conducted on a regular basis to discuss the rules and regulations of the neighborhood. These include, but are not limited to, acceptable color palettes for painting homes, foliage management, and upkeep of homes’ exteriors. Additionally, an HOA meeting is a time to confer on the association’s budget, which will affect homeowner dues. It is reasonable for neighborhood residents to voice their opinions during meetings about changes in fees and suggestions for community improvements.

In most cases, HOA meetings require attendance by a minimum percentage of community homeowners, as noted in the HOA’s bylaws. This ensures that the community is well-represented when important decisions are made on behalf of the community.

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Emergency Response for Apartment Complexes

A leader in residential community management, IMPAC Property Management works with owners of apartment and home complexes throughout the state of New Jersey. Among IMPAC Property Management’s many services are those designed to prevent or respond to emergency situations.

There are different types of emergencies that an apartment complex might experience. These include fires, water main breaks, and natural disasters. When such an event occurs, the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with residents and alert them of the danger is critically important. Additionally, a system should be in place to notify emergency personnel as quickly as possible so that the problem can be resolved.

One way to help manage emergencies is to have an emergency hotline available for residents. This is separate from any other non-emergency contact number residents may have. If residents know that they can contact this number in case of emergency 24 hours a day, the response time for incidents can greatly decrease. As a result, the chances of costly property damage also decreases. The more time that goes by without the problem being addressed, the greater the damage will likely be. Therefore, the cost of working with a property management company that offers 24-hour assistance is often a worthwhile expense.

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IMPAC Property’s Focus on Communication with Homeowner Associations

Assisting homeowners’ associations throughout much of New Jersey, IMPAC Property Management offers a full range of solutions spanning site management, administrative functions, and emergency response. A key emphasis is on maintaining open communication with homeowners and the boards that represent them. Through close coordination with clients, IMPAC Property Management builds strong long-term relationships and ensures that services provided are continuously adjusted to meet real world needs.

IMPAC Property Management offers 24/7 emergency accessibility, and participates in all meetings of the board and homeowner’s association. As requested, minutes of the meetings can be taken and correspondence drafted. The firm also provides dedicated Internet connectivity that includes a community website. In addition to facilitating direct communication on issues involving the community, this website offers personal account accessibility and payment history for owners via a secure connection. Cash flow can additionally be generated through advertising on the website. IMPAC Property Management also helps in the creation of special association reports and newsletters that keep residents and owners informed of local happenings and improvement projects. On a quarterly or monthly basis, management reports are issued that recap all incidents and services provided.

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IMPAC Helps Community Associations Comply with State Disabilities Law

IMPAC Property Management of Manchester, New Jersey, devotes itself to enhancing the services offered to members of its homeowners’ associations and community associations. IMPAC Property Management also works with residential managers to ensure that properties comply with New Jersey’s safety requirements.

An example of a state safety law is the code governing parking for persons with physical disabilities. The law identifies those eligible as persons with wheelchair-confining conditions, as well as difficulties walking and dangerous deficits of sight, hearing, or perception.

Communities must set aside 1 percent, or at least one parking space, to persons with disabilities. (This does not apply to housing with less than five units.) Such spaces must be marked with the International Symbol of Access and the words “This space reserved for physically handicapped drivers.” When feasible, the space should measure 12 feet in width. This allows persons with disabilities to move freely in a wheelchair, crutches, or braces from either side of their vehicle. In addition, the space(s) should be placed so that persons with disabilities have access without needing to move between or behind parked cars. Property owners should also build curb ramps when possible.

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